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About Us

About Us

In our drive towards perfection and uncompromising quality we are constantly
looking forward to building long-term customer relationships. The commitment
and sincerity of our team is an integral factor of our success and reflects in every project we undertake. These values have earn the trust of customers, suppliers and contractors. Eventually it is giving our customer’s needs true satisfaction that gives us pride and joy.

As a chairman I feel honored to work with such a highly motivated and talented
team and hope this energy will reflect in every step we take towards the future.

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Perfection and uncompromising quality are what we are constantly looking
forward to building long-term customer relationships.
The commitment and sincerity of our success.


  • Our AIM is to provide provides innovative Safe fire and security systems and services
  • to our customers to protect their property and businesses with the highest quality and services.


  • Creating unique and innovative design solutions that respond to each client aesthetic and budgetary needs
  • Providing our clients with a growing knowledge base and technical skillset that reflect the latest developments in the construction and building industry
  • Ensuring prompt and timely delivery of consistently high-quality products and services
  • Achieving and maintaining success by making use of and fostering attention to detail,technical experience, creativity and true professionalism


Memeco has always adopted and maintained an ethical and professional code of conduct throughout all of its dealings and interactions with clients, partners, employees and the community. Throughout its existence, Memeco has supported and committed to incorporating the following values:


All of Memeco’s activities are managed with the highest ethical and professional standards


All members of Memeco’s team always share responsibility and accountability during the decision-making and design processes


Memeco pursues the highest level of quality in all of its work, and always aims for continuous improvement


Mutual respect is established among Memeco’s team and each of our clients, partners, the community and the environment